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Most Data Metrics are easily explained mathmatical calculations, below are a few that typically need additional explanation. This Data Metric is typically used with an Op Code (or Op Code Group) filter to show the number of CP ROs versus how many of the op code filtered shows. There are filters that can affect this Metric, including mileage specific filters, header level filters, etc. Anything that would affect the entire RO. Must use Drill group filters at the line level Built to be used wi...
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Shopdata Export Spec
Shopdata is simply the name given to this export specification and file format. Shopdata is a custom CSV export specification used to transmit DMS/SMS data from your shop into our data integration platform. This spec was designed for easy integration with your Development department as a series of simple to implement CSV files. This Shopdata spec was designed to handle service department data, appointment data, sales data, parts inventory data and all other types of future data needs....
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Dynatron Profit Improvement Program: Improving Sales from Visiting Customers
The Improving Sales from Visiting Customers Profit Improvement Program discusses a variety of processes and best practices to ensure you maximize sales on visiting customers while maintaining good customer CSI and retention. Let's quickly review the mechanics of the sales metric. Dealership revenue is generally influenced by these four sources: 1) Traffic (RO Count), 2) Pricing, 3) Up-sold services during the appointment process, and 4) Up-sold services to visiting customers. All four of the...
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EBIS eScheduler
Release Date: Monday, November 25, 2013 Click the new eScheduler icon within any report to email yourself or anyone else reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. Save time pulling reports from EBIS! Open them directly from your email. Email EBIS reports directly to the people that need to look at them. Emails are sent at 6:30 a.m. CT each morning a report is scheduled. Click on the link(s) in the email to open your report with the most up-to-date data. Your last load date at the ti...
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E-MPI: Frequently Asked Questions
Commonly asked questions and information for each area within E-MPI is listed below. Refer to When EBIS sees a new closed RO, it cross references that RO against E-MPI and removes that RO from the queue. It does not matter how long the RO was open; the EBIS reporting updates based on the date the RO closes. If the inspection was completed three weeks ago or three months ago, and that RO closes tonight, it will still be able to match up that RO to the inspection that was completed weeks...
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VFIClient Help
This document provides help and usage documentation for VFIClient. For setup and installation see ((473)), for technical details see ((483)). VFIClient is a back-end DMS data extraction utility and is to be installed and used by IT or Data administrators only. This is not a user application.
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VFIClient Setup
This document provides setup and installation instructions for VFIClient. For help and usage documentation see ((474)), for technical details see ((483)). VFIClient is a back-end DMS data extraction utility and is to be installed and used by IT or Data administrators only. This is not a user application.
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State Funded Training
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EBIS ELR Manager Warranty Labor Rate Increase Analysis
Analyze your data automatically every month using your manufacture's rules and/or the State Laws (where applicable). Manage your warranty labor rate easily to ensure you apply for your increase as soon as you are eligible with the highest possible rate. Receive a monthly email showing the consecutive repair orders with the highest possible Effective Labor Rate and your potential increase. Prepare throughout the year by reviewing the top five op codes with the biggest opportunity to improve you...
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Dynatron Software Contact Information
Kevin Smith President (972) 913-6207 Amy Kelley Controller (972) 982-7501 Dawn Leclercq Customer Service Director (972) 982-7524 Jeff Faber Market President TBD John Falke Market President (919) 341-1515 Mike Kotek Market President (702) 623-3504 Rob Melaris Market President (702) 425-61...
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Dynatron Newsletter: Online Inspection Processes like Dynatron’s E-MPI is becoming a necessity
Service Managers, do you have an effective online inspection process in place? Techs, are you properly completing the MPI including a tire inspection for wear and nails? Advisors, are you thoroughly reviewing the MPI results with the customer? A recent article in Automotive News should make implementing an online inspection process a 2014 priority. "NJ store will pay 3 million punitive damage award for rollover" Automotive News May 26, 2014 - 12:01 am ET A New Jersey dealership has agreed t...
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E-MPI - Inspection Form Updates
Based on customer feedback, we have made many changes to the Quick Inspect form to provide a more streamlined and efficient inspection form for techs to complete. To take advantage of these new features please contact the Merchandising department. Drop-downs for Tire and Brake measurements have been added for the following areas. Techs will now have the option to select the correct measurement from the drop-down instead of typing freeform text. Techs can still type their own text if needed....
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E-MPI Help and Tutorials
This page provides links to Help and Tutorial topics for E-MPI users. Simply click any of the topics available from the right hand menu to view details for each topic. The same navigation menu is available on all pages for you to easily switch between topics.
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E-MPI - Auto-Accepts and Declines
This topic documents the process of automatically identifying accepted and declined items for E-MPI and EBIS.
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E-MPI Reports
Documentation on the EMPI Reports. Under Construction!
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EMPI - VCP Formatting Changes
The Vehicle Care Package Cover Page has been reformatted based on your requests! Additional information, such as the Advisor information and Technician name, have been added to the cover page. The cover page also has a new, cleaner layout. Note: The dealership banner and cover page footer is not displayed above. We've also added the Advisor and Technician name and VIN to the header of the Service Plan (pg 2) and the Inspection Form (pg 3) pages.
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EMPI - Editing an Inspection Form
Technicians and Service Advisors can edit the inspection form from the Quick Inspect Form and the Worksheet. Type in the Repair Order that you want to edit into the box and click Edit. If the inspection has not been completed yet, you will see: If the Repair Order does not exist, you will see: If the Repair Order is already closed, you will see: If you accidentally forget to type a Repair Order before clicking Edit, you will see: If the inspection has been completed, you will see:...
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E-MPI - Worksheet: Additions to Header
The Tag #, Advisor and Customer Phone have been added to the worksheet header for quick availability:
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Warranty Parts Margin Submission
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CP ELR Start Smart
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E-MPI Advisor Walk Around
WebAQ has been enhanced to include an advisor Walk Around process that can be completed prior to the RO is written in your DMS. This form can include anything that you'd normally see on your current inspection form or specific items pertaining to the advisor process. Please contact Dynatron Software to discuss set up options and implementation at your store. Advisor will log into WebAQ website with provided username and password. From the Queue screen, click on Walk Around in the top left...
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E-MPI - History Archive
WebAQ archives all history for a full 24 months. After 24 months, history is purged from your WebAQ database. WebAQ History contains (if available for the repair order): Vehicle Care Package Customer Copy (shows total prices) Vehicle Care Package Detail Copy (shows prices for labor and parts separated plus total prices) Worksheet from WebAQ Notes from WebAQ All repair order history from the DMS for the past 24 months Repair orders can be closed in WebAQ at any point during the day or overni...
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E-MPI - Notes Button and How To Use
A robust notes system has been added to the Queue, Worksheet, Service Plan, and Quick Inspect pages of E-MPI. The notes system is available for **internal store notes** for a particular repair order; these are not customer facing notes. The Notes button is available for all E-MPI users at your store. Notes will be saved in History for each repair order.
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Confidentiality Agreement
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Warranty Labor Submission
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E-MPI Dataflow Diagram
Dealership Dealership workstations run their own DMS software, E-MPI website inside any web browser, and the DynaComm .NET Windows client. E-MPI is just a regular client/server website, no installed software required. DynaComm is a secondary piece of installed Windows software used for one-way live communication. We never pull data or query your DMS directly. All information we receive if through the CDK certified interface. E-MPI E-MPI is just a regular client/server website, no instal...
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DynaComm Notification System
E-MPI sends you a DynaComm notification message anytime a repair order is assigned to you alerting you of something to be done. DynaComm is a small program installed on your computer. DynaComm automatically logs you in each time your computer is turned on; there is no need to log in. If your internet connection disconnects for some reason, DynaComm will automatically reconnect itself.
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DynaComm Help
This document provides instructions on DynaComm usage. See ((138)) for installation documentation. For E-MPI specific DynaComm instructions see ((142)).
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E-MPI Declined Marketing
E-MPI includes a limited amount of marketing for declined services found during the inspection process that were declined by the customer. There is no cost to the shop for these contacts. Unlimited DynaSurvey emails - requires a valid customer email address DynaCalls limited to 10/week Postcards limited to 20/week We typically see a 3%-10% return rate from our E-MPI Declined Marketing You can increase the amount of DynaCalls and/or postcards that are sent each week to ensure all custo...
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E-MPI: CDK (ADP) Split Repair Orders Process
This topic documents the process of identifying split repair orders for CDK dealers. Dealers with CDK have the ability to "split" repair orders. The purpose of this is so the customer pay lines of a repair order can be closed prior to closing the internal and/or warranty lines. The repair order is "split" in CDK and the customer pay lines are moved to the same RO number appended with a C. For example: RO12345 is split, and the customer pay portion becomes RO12345C. These are now consider...
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E-MPI: How to Add Custom Images to VCP
E-MPI now lets you add your own custom images (pictures) to the Vehicle Care Package using your smart phone or tablet! Simply send through an email to include your own images. Read below for instructions.
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Dynatron DMS Certifications
Dynatron believes in protecting our customer's data and ensuring data is of the highest quality. Dynatron is certified with the major DMS providers. Below is information regarding each DMS Dynatron is certified with. This document may be used by dealers to learn more about Dynatron's certified feeds. The direct links take you to the DMS websites for additional information. :r: To learn more about CDK's (formerly ADP) Third-Party Access Program click . :r: For a list of CDK Approved Th...
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EBIS Sales Reporting for ADP Using Part Numbers
This enhancement to EBIS enables EBIS, EBIS+ and VPG Reports to use parts numbers on the repair order to identify items sold instead of using op codes. This also allows package op codes to be debundled for accurate sales reporting. Each night when data is processed, if any part numbers from the Part Number Table is found on a closed repair order, a new op code is created for each part using a new Parts pay type keeping original customer, internal and warranty pay type data in tact. Reports are modified to look at the Parts pay type which shows accurate counts and dollars for each service.
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Dynatron Profit Improvement Program: Improving Warranty Labor Sales
I know what you are thinking...I'm not interested in a tip about warranty labor because I cannot control the amount sold and the rate we invoice is regulated by the manufacturer. So you are asking, if I can't control my traffic and what I invoice a customer how in the world can I impact my warranty labor sales? The fact is, most dealerships can control a small but very important piece of their warranty sales. Most manufactures allow dealers to submit annual requests for a warranty rate increa...
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Measuring Power Report Booklet, Training Guide and How To Videos
Your 24/7/365 Fixed Ops business consultant; it even works while you're sleeping! Consolidate and compare complex data in an easy to comprehend format EBIS is a powerful Fixed Operations software designed to assist Dealership Service Departments by drilling into data to discover profit improvement opportunities. Data is effective if you use it to make informed decisions within your service department EBIS holds terrific base reports to start your analyzation with; whether it's Advisor,...
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Dynatron API
Base API url for all APIs below is key is always a required parameter and is ommited from the docs below, it is implied. Send simple email via our internal email server Available url versions for this API are v1, please use the latest API when creating new projects. Base URL wkhtmltopdf/v1 POST send Send email Parameters: to string required - comma separated recipients subject string required body string required from string required - single e...
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DynaComm Setup
This document provides instructions on installing the DynaComm Desktop Client. See ((143)) for usage documentation. The prefered method of receiving DynaComm notifications is with the Desktop Client for Windows. You can also access DynaComm with any web browser including your mobile device at
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Update Bulletins
= 3/04/2015: BREAKING NEWS = Dashboard Upcoming Release! In March, we plan on releasing our newest enhancement for EBIS users - the Dashboard. for a sneak preview! The Dashboard shows enhanced graphs and features new and unique ways to view your data. With the Dashboard, you the ability to establish goals and track progress, as well as establish ALERTS to be notified when a metric varies from the baseline you set. Dashboard will be your new homepage, from which you'll be able to drill direc...
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Home Page
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Soundest and Simplest Path for Dealership Principals to Significantly Impact Net Profit Quickly
While it is an indisputable fact that Fixed Operations can produce larger, quicker, and more sustainable net profits than Variable Operations, endeavoring to realize those gains often remains unactionable in productive form. In the Beginning... Start with opportunities that are easy to execute yet yield significant financial gains. These are low hanging targets which center around a mechanical methodology vs. improving human output. Bolstering sales performance is challenging. Less than 15...
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Virtual Performance Groups (VPG) Group Assignments
We are adjusting the VPG Groups you may be a part of to be more specific to your brand and your region. You will continue to have access to the great VPG software and receive weekly reports benchmarking you with like Dealers that we work with, but now with more categorical precision. We are expanding our already Make specific groups to also be more Region specific and our Import/Luxury Import groups to be more Make/Region specific (as available). We will also continue to maintain quarterly up...
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Dynatron Profit Improvement Program: Improving Effective Labor Rate
The Improving Effective Labor Rate (ELR) Profit Improvement Program discusses a variety of processes and best practices to ensure you maximize and properly manage your customer pay E.L.R. In part 1, we provide an overview and discuss the basic process of analyzing your total dealership ELR and ELR variances. The definition of Effective Labor Rate is simply the average selling price for a flat rate hour. Customer Pay ELR is calculated by taking total Customer Pay Labor Sales and dividing by th...
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Major Enhancement to DealerMenus User Interface
October 2014 we made a major update to our DealerMenus solution. The online customer interface has a new, updated look. We also added an optional advisor walk around inspection into the customer presentation process. Click here to see the updated to review new features and to see additional screenshots. Sneak Preview of New Detailed Menu View
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ACG-Eight Habits of Highly Successful Service Advisors
by Guy Salkeld - ACG has an exclusive Service Advisor Training Program that gets "tried and true" proven results. I will go into detail on how we achieve higher sales per Repair Order AND Customer Retention. To achieve these "predictable" results, it takes two key fundamentals to get started and they are "People and Process". The first priority should be coaching, leading and managing our people on the service process FIRST! I believe the "People Process" has to come first and foremost...
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VFIClient Technical Details
This document provides technical details for VFIClient. For setup and installation see ((473)), for help and usage see ((474)). VFIClient is a back-end DMS data extraction utility and is to be installed and used by IT or Data administrators only. This is not a user application.
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Dynatron Newsletter: Consistency
CONSISTENCY May 1, 2014 by Bob Cawley I spend an inordinate amount of time training my managers and service consultants that we should offer the same level of service to every customer, every day. I tell them that this will build a "safe environment" for our customers and a familiarity that brings a feeling of comfort and safety. Truly, over time, our guests will become accustomed to this stable consistent environment and will even participate. To prove this statement, I have watched long-term...
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Password Generator
Check Password Strength Here The Strongest and Easiest to Remember. Recommended for Dynatron Accounts 4 Random Words 3 Random Words and a Number 2 Random Words and a Number Random Alpha-Numeric (less secure) 6 Random Upper/Lower Case Characters 8 Random Upper/Lower Case Characters 6 Random Lower Case Characters 8 Random Lower Case Characters 6 Random Upper Case Characters 8 Random Upper Case Characters
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Turning your Service Customers Into Buyers via the Multi-Point Inspection Presentation
by Steve Shaw - Service customers arrive at our dealerships with a feeling of apprehensiveness. They are cautiously hoping for an advocate. However, they have seen the propaganda from the news and the independent shops about dealerships trying to sell them everything, including items they do not need. For most of us, the reality is exactly the opposite - we want to give the customer what they actually do need. The problem is the dealership often plays right into the hands of the rhetoric. This...
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Dynatron Profit Improvement Program: Improving Warranty Labor Sales: Monthly Review Process
Your monthly warranty email will detail the information contained in the ELR Manager Warranty Labor Rate Control Log. For this dealer we see that the current warranty rate is $90.84. Their last increase was $1.21 which has a 9999.44/year impact. This dealer is on the OEM auto increase program which expires on 1/1/2015. Dynatron started working with this dealer in November 2013. EBIS ELR Manager quickly proved that this dealer should exit the OEM auto increase program and submit their warra...
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Wizard Protection Plan Changes
3.3 & 3.4 Protection Plan Changes to Text/Graphics - Must be approved by Doug before changes can be made. All Distributors except for QMA (Valvoline) can be changed from, logging into carmail admin menu. login carmail2 as administrator2 Go into the Wizard Admin Menu QMA is on an isolated server, sql7, that requires making admin changes from login carmail7 as administrator7 the go to
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