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Saves countless managerial hours every month with instantaneous forensic level analysis at the tip of your finger.

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Virtuous Circle
What is a "Virtuous Circle"

A virtuous circle is a cycle of events each having a positive effect on the next.

Repair Pricing Optimization

GUI Line

Identify and implement best pricing to maximize profits and customer retention on difficult repair jobs. Results include higher repair ELR and labor gross profit %.

CP Pricing Compliance

GUI Line Two

Helps ensure management’s shop established pricing is followed by all advisors and technicians. The result of higher compliance is higher ELR.

CP Maintenance Pricing Optimization

GUI Line Three

Pinpoint and resolve the best pricing on competitive maintenance jobs to maximize profit and retention. Results are a higher rate of maintenance sales based on your market.

Dynatron Circle

Warranty Labor Rate Submission

GUI Line Four

We do the heavy lifting on your behalf so yearly filing is always on time and at the best rate possible.

Mystery Shop Competitors

GUI Line Four

Relax while we price shop your competitors to ensure you are always competitively priced in your market.

Testimonials & Results

Dynatron’s reporting blows away anything I can get out of my DMS. I can spend more time analyzing and tracking the productivity of my departments.

Jeff Burket

Jeff Burket

Northside Imports Houston

By implementing Dynatron’s products, we’ve seen 15% or greater increase in our customer pay business.

Kerry Monica

Kerry Monica

Lester Glenn Auto Group

Dynatron helps me manage my staff’s performance as well as maximizing profits.

Dave Cornell

Dave Cornell

BMW of Alexandria

By using Dynatron’s product, I save huge amounts of time gathering needed information for repair order analysis when requesting a warranty labor rate increase. When used daily it will provide information on deviations that drive down effective labor rates thereby allowing us to provide accountability and coaching as needed to service advisors.

Tommy Robbins

Ray Phillips

Hendrick Chevrolet Cary

Profit Gap Analysis

The first step is to determine the amount of opportunity in your store.







We will perform an analysis on the last 18-24 months of your business by analyzing every closed customer pay and warranty repair order to determine your specific opportunity for increased gross profit. Opportunities analyzed:

  • Pricing Compliance
  • Repair Pricing
  • Maintenance Pricing
  • Market Competitiveness
  • Warranty Labor Rate

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Profit Improvement Through Increased Sales and Traffic


CaRMail is service marketing simplified. A full-service marketing solution utilizing 4 contact methods with the lowest cost per contact and best response rate in the industry.

CaRMail service suite includes

  • Dashboard monitors campaign activity and your customer database
  • Recommended marketing mix with our 100% risk free guarantee
  • Cost-effective fulfillment packages fit every dealership's need to help recapture missed sales opportunities
  • Unique specialty campaigns discover hidden profit opportunities
  • Robust reporting measures your results weekly by campaign
  • Email gathering and prospecting services
  • Monthly consultation call with our customer support team

Improve your retention 5% and gross profits on specialty campaigns. Reduce advertising expenses while increasing your response rates.

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